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By Michael Bunker
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Religious Con Men

Posted by MichaelBunker
July 19, 2012

Last night we watched a YouTube video by UK Mentalist and Hypnotist Derren Brown entitled Miracles For Sale. The show is about an hour and a quarter long, but it is simply something that you must watch with your family. Derren Brown is an atheist and a so-called "freethinker", but he deals with the issue of faith healing very fairly and honestly. In the show he recruits a guy who owns a dive shop or something and trains him to become a "christian" faith healer, using tricks and cons of the trade, along with Derren Brown's extensive knowledge of mental trickery and hypnosis. Brown and his team expose the ways and means that religious charlatans use to con people out of their money (there is a reason that the charismatic movement is one with the prosperity gospel). Now, none of this was new to me at all. I've been on to the scam of the charismatic movement for a very long time, and I've had a long history of contact with these kinds of con men. In my many years of travel and preaching I ran headlong into tens of thousands of people who were deep, deep into the faith healing garbage and the prosperity gospel. So, even if you know about and accept that the charismatic movement is a massive con on gullible and covetous people, you should still watch this program. My comments from this point on will assume that you have watched the program, and they can only really be understood in that context.

For over a decade I've preached against these kinds of manipulations, and I've tried to teach people about them and how they work. But I fear that some people believe that the methods and means exposed by Derren Brown in this program are limited to the faith healing genre, and this is not true at all. The tricks and methods of mind control, manipulation, enabling, syncretism, individuation, etc. are all very much present in almost EVERY modern "christian" church, organization, or group. The most evident drama in this program is not the exposing of tips and trickery of con-men, but a very real and evident battle in the conscience of the preacher. There is a twist in the story, in that because of the foundational premise of the program, the preacher knows what he is doing is wrong, but is doing it for a greater good (exposing the wicked). With most real preachers, however, they do not know (in a conscious sense) that what they are doing is wrong. They have succumbed to rationalization, peer pressure, and the deceptions of the age, so they actually believe, at some level, that they are doing good. I'm not talking about the charismatic con-men now. People like Benny Hinn and the guy Popoff who is in the program know that they are con-men, and they are ok with that. I'm talking about your mainstream Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc. preacher who went to seminary and believes that he is truly serving God in his life. Now, what I'm telling you is from personal experience, and is something I know very well and have spent a lot of time thinking and preaching about it. What Derren Brown's show does not expose, is how very real people become religious charlatans, apostates and frauds, while they, themselves, believe themselves to be doing good or serving God. The scriptures particularly identify this strange reality: "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived" (2Ti 3:13). This verse states that religious deceivers deceive others because they themselves are deceived. This makes the deception all the more dangerous because the preacher really, really believes what he is saying and doing, even if it is wicked.

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